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A Better Way for Equine Care

It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention.

And it was out of necessity that Quinn’s wraps were developed. Tired of the mess, the waste, searching for gloves or water, finding paper, soaking the paper, more waste, lugging heavy pails with lids that never closed properly – there had to be a better way!

We figured it out and these wraps work in three easy steps: peel, apply and press - then proceed with your regular standing bandage. It's as simple as that.

Learn why people love Quinn's EPW

Superior care for our horses, made easy and affordable

Quinn's Hoof Packs

Quinn's Hoof Packs are portable, easy-to-use poultice packs that can be used to easily pack your horse's hoof. The convenient packages include paper that allows you to place the poultice without the need for gloves or water. Get the task done within a few minutes for the least amount of stress on your horse and you!

See how easy Quinn's Hoof Packs are to use!

"My first thought was how wonderful it would be packing for a competition, no need for big bulky containers, gloves and paper."

Lindsay Drury-Beer

"Quinn's EPW hoof packing is a new mess free take on the traditional hoof packing. With the same quality but zero mess and less waste. I love its simplicity. No more gloves, paper or poultice. Now it comes in an easy-to-use package. Perfect for when you're in a tight space like shipping into a horse show."

Kieley McQuaker

"Having access to FEI permitted, easy to use, and effective poultice products is a game changer! From our top tier performance clients, to our own horses we that we love to pamper, we whole-heartedly believe in this product. Quinn’s have absolutely revolutionized the poultice industry!"

Unbridled Equine (Kate and Katie)

"The Happy Hoof spray worked very well. Dried up any thrush quite quickly (within a day or two) and we are also using it as a preventative whenever the horses come in with muddy feet.  Very easy to use, and gets in the deep cracks easily. Also fabulous that it won’t stain clothing and has no offensive smell!"

- Sara

"Quinn's Equine Poultice wraps were very quick and easy to use! They stayed perfectly in place while wrapping and left no unwanted poultice behind. I definitely recommend them!"

- Emma Saunders


We are the proud product sponsor of the Caledon Equestrian Park and Angelstone Tournaments.


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