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"My mare has been struggling with a recurrent thrush infection since her purchase in September. I had been using any product I could get my hands on; keratex, kopper kare, no thrush dry hoof, hoof magic and hoof doctor. When the products themselves didn't reduce the thrush, we started combinations of treatments in our daily treatments. None of which was successful in treating the thrush. My mare got to the point, she started to bleed from her frogs when hoof picking. Once the wounds had closed, I started treating her with Quinn's hoof spray and hoof poultice pads daily, within 4 days I was able to discontinue the poultice pads and continue with just the daily hoof spray. It took a week but her feet are dry and thrush free, with daily hoof spray treatment it continues!"

- Kaitlin. H.P.


"I have been using Quinn’s Hoof Spray to treat one horse’s hooves with thrush and another horse with white line disease. The first thing I love about the spray is that it is the first time I can remember anyone offering a thrush treatment with no staining colors in it. It is quick and easy to apply and I apply it more often as it does not require me having to put on gloves or be strictly in clothes I can afford to stain. The product has a drying effect which benefits the hooves conditions without destroying the healthy tissues as the spray is non-toxic-again- another reason I would normally stagger treatments. This is a great product and I am much more comfortable handling as well as seeing my horses hooves remain healthy while going through treatment. I am very pleased with the results I have seen so far!"

- Gen

"The Happy Hoof spray worked very well. Dried up any thrush quite quickly (within a day or two) and we are also using it as a preventative whenever the horses come in with muddy feet.  Very easy to use, and gets in the deep cracks easily. Also fabulous that it won’t stain clothing and has no offensive smell!"

- Sara


 "Firstly, I have thoroughly enjoyed your customer service, it has been very helpful and kind in and you extended your product to me as a sample which I am very grateful for! I have been using the poultice wraps for this show season and as someone new to the show world it has made the long to do list for post show care very easy! Between reduced mess, ease of packing and  it’s quick application I appreciate this product in my routine for both myself and my horse (after a big day we are both ready for bed as soon as possible!). I don’t have to hoof pack often and just like the poultice wraps the packs make me feel confident I am providing the right amount of poultice while not wasting any extra product or money! They are a handy product to through in my tack trunk just in case! Love the work you are doing and it’s great to see you getting recognition for your products!"

- Libby @libbyatthebarn  

"When I opened the Quinn’s parcel, I was immediately impressed with the neat tidy packaging that the poultice came in. My first thought was how wonderful it would be packing for a competition, no need for big bulky containers, gloves and paper. Applying the product was very simple, and I liked how it moulded to the leg and was a relatively thin and consistent layer unlike other similar poultice products on the market that dry out, clump and are bulky. As far as effectiveness, I thought it did a good job of pulling out heat and swelling. I had a good case study horse to use, that came in from the field with a slight swelling mid cannon bone. After being wrapped over night the swelling was significantly decreased as was the heat in the leg. The poultice wrap stayed well in place overnight. Over all I was thrilled with the product."

- Lindsay Drury-Beer 

"Quinn's EPW are the ultimate poultice wraps for quality and efficiency. My barn and I love it's quick and simple method of application, especially for our horses that hate standing still. It definitely proves to be less of a mass and less of a hassle."

"Quinn's EPW hoof packing is a new mess free take on the traditional hoof packing. With the same quality but zero mess and less waste. I love its simplicity. No more gloves, paper or poultice. Now it comes in an easy-to-use package. Perfect for when you're in a tight space like shipping into a horse show."

- Kieley McQuaker 

 "Quinn’s poultice wraps and hoof packing rock our world! As horse owners and professional equine rehab specialists, we often have unique cases that need some extra TLC. Having access to FEI permitted, easy to use, and effective poultice products is a game changer! From our top tier performance clients, to our own horses we that we love to pamper, we whole-heartedly believe in this product. Quinn’s have absolutely revolutionized the poultice industry!"

- Unbridled Equine (Kate and Katie)

 "I really loved how easy it was to use and so quick! I liked the no mess and I felt it covered more than the other poultice used."

- Emily Bylund

"When using Quinn's Poultice Wraps, it allowed me to poultice my horse with little to no difficulty. Furthermore, it enabled me to save a lot of time while still resulting in a well-done poultice job. Without Quinn's, properly taking care of my horse would have been a lot harder and time consuming."

- Dylan Jordan

"After a long weekend of horse showing Quinn's Poultice Wraps were easy to put on with zero mess. After taking them off there was no poultice left on the legs which made for an easy clean up, and his legs had no inflammation after jumping all weekend."

- Erin Smith

"Quinn's Equine Poultice wraps were very quick and easy to use! They stayed perfectly in place while wrapping and left no unwanted poultice behind. I definitely recommend them!"

- Emma Saunders